Starlen College of Nursing


Starlen College offers degree programs for the Associate of Science in Nursing and Bachelor of Science in Nursing, ensuring they align with industry standards. The curriculum covers nursing science, critical thinking, leadership, management, advocacy, clinical judgment, technology, communication, patient-centered care, and relationship building. Students learn nursing language, human flourishing, decision-making, professional identity, and spirit of inquiry. Starlen College follows a semester-based system with four levels of undergraduate nursing education: ASN (Levels 1), RN BSN (Levels 3-4), and RN ASN (Levels 1 & 2), preparing students for licensing examinations and employment as registered nurses.


The demand for baccalaureate-prepared nurses continues to grow. The program provides the registered nurse with the opportunity to advance in knowledge, critical thinking, problem-solving, leadership, and advocacy. The RN BSN program is a 12-month study comprising 38 credits in the 300 & 400-level courses that are limited to individuals, who possess a nursing diploma or associate degree in nursing. In addition, the candidate for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree must demonstrate the completion of 120 credits in undergraduate studies. The general education requirements consist of nine credits in English subjects, six credits in mathematics to include statistics, eight in the social sciences, nine in the humanities, and 18 in the natural sciences.


ASN program is a 24-month pre-licensure program comprising 83 credits. The program consists of a range of courses in a hybrid format to reflect the Florida Board of Nursing mandates and national trends in the nursing industry. General education courses are online, and nursing core courses are hybrid with face-to-face virtual learning, on campus, or in clinical facilities. Upon successful program completion, the student will qualify for the RN NCLEX licensing examination in a state of choice. The ASN graduate is encouraged to advance into the RN BSN program which is entirely online.

Be advised that a minimum of 30 credits must be completed at Starlen College as Rule 6E-2.004, F.A.C requires. Transfer of credits from another College or University is accepted in accordance with the College’s policy and must be approved by Admissions prior to acceptance. A minimum of 30 credits must be completed at Starlen College as Rule 6E-2.004, F.A.C requires.