Starlen College of Nursing


Starlen College of Nursing

Starlen College of Nursing is a nurse-centered learning community dedicated to excellence in nursing education. Dr. Arlene Grant  the founder and CEO of Starlen College, Has created a caring and resourceful college for students, focusing on knowledge, skills, compassion, and leadership. Our experienced faculty mentors students, ensuring their personal and professional success.

Our Mission

Starlen College of Nursing aims to inspire, prepare, and challenge individuals in nursing, focusing on excellence in care, decision-making, and action. The mission aims for graduates to demonstrate nursing knowledge, skills, critical thinking, and imaging, responding effectively to health and safety conditions. The school adopts the Metaparadigm Nursing model, fostering a 21st-century learning community that responds to diverse populations and healthcare workplace demands. Teaching and learning across life spans cultivates interrelationships of art, values, culture, ethics, evidence, and science, fostering a spirit of inquiry and human flourishing in nursing.

Dr. Arlene Grant

Dr. Arlene Grant is the principal administrator of Starlen College of Nursing, a for profit corporation in the state of Florida. In May 2021, Dr. Grant’ created the College to represent the values & philosophical perspectives for excellence in nursing education.

Dr. Grant has over 20 years of experience in nursing education and practice. As a nurse educator, administrator & family nurse practitioner, she recognized the need to inspire and prepare students for success in the profession.


Starlen College of Nursing (SCN) is a private institution established in the state of Florida and is located at 4300 University Drive, Suite D-204, Lauderhill, Florida. Telephone: (561) 991- 0240; Fax: (561) 202-6226; Website: ; Email: [email protected]

SCN is licensed by the Commission for Independent Education and approved by the Board of Nursing for the offering of ASN and BSN programs. Information regarding Starlen College of Nursing may be obtained by contacting the Commission at 325 West Gaines Street, Suite 1414, Tallahassee, FL 32399-0400, toll-free telephone number (888)224-6684.

Be advised that credits earned at this institution may not be accepted for transfer by another institution and may not be recognized by employers. It is the student’s responsibility to determine whether credits earned at this institution are accepted by another institution.