Starlen College of Nursing


Admission requires the applicant to complete the following:

  • Submit the Admissions application with a fee of $75.00

  • Interview with the Program representative

  • Demonstrate competency to handle online classroom technology

  • Demonstrate academic abilities to sustain a grade of C or better

  • An entrance examination is required for the ASN program only

  • Provide official transcripts from the learning institutions attended. The applicant for the RN BSN program must provide a registered nurse license and official transcripts for the completion of the diploma or associate degree in nursing

  • Provide at least 2 references from a previous or current employer, instructor, mentor, community, or religious organization

  • Submit a Medical Clearance to carry out clinical activities

  • Complete the FDLE Criminal Background Check

Requirements –

All nursing students must complete a series of clinical experiences to successfully meet the required learning outcomes. Prior to participating in clinical learning experiences at any off-campus healthcare facility, students are required to obtain a medical clearance, drug test, and complete a criminal background check. Each clinical facility has policies regarding possible convictions and potential drug use that may restrict students from being accepted at the facility for clinical placement. If a student is not accepted to an assigned placement because of the findings of a background check or drug screen, Starlen College does not guarantee an alternate clinical placement. Criminal convictions and/or a record of certain other conduct may prevent a nursing student/graduate from being licensed and may preclude the nursing graduate from obtaining gainful employment as a nurse. The student is responsible for knowing the state’s licensure requirements for practicing as a registered nurse.

A student will be subject to dismissal from the program if unable to complete clinical requirements.